I've ate the shrimp Etouffee, the crawfish ettouffe (which is more like shiela makes) , the chicken and sausage gumbo (delicious ), shrimp creole and tonight the boudin balls at my store in texas the boudin balls are 12 for 5.99 ( amazing ) . It's hard to say which is my favorite. It just depends on what you like. I could live on shrimp and rather them over crawfish. Some of them have a little kick. But nothing we can't handle.
Julie Moody
Just had the Frozen Shrimp Etouffee and it was tasty , so very good. I will definitely buy some more soon.
Danielle Squilante
The Boudin Balls are amazing! I think they should rename them Balls of Deliciousness....seriously☺️
Kegan Marie Wilson
"Your products are the best on the market, and I have tried quite a few. I also eat your products 3 times a week. Your recipes are dead on for Louisiana...the products Big Easy puts out is Phenomenal. I don't know one company that can even come close to the great taste of your products. My hat is off to you, one great job!! Well done Sir!! I will continue  to let other people know how good your products are. Baton Rouge, LA
Brian Parent, Sr