I had no idea that you're Gulf Shrimp we're available at my local Walmart store. I found your shrimp around the holidays and could not believe the quality popular shrimp. The meat was so sweet and you could tell immediately the difference in quality from other shrimp that is sold from around the world. I can't thank you enough for supplying Walmart with your delicious shrimp and crawfish absolutely love your Seafood.
Chris Wiess
Just thought I would let you guys know that the packaged shrimp gumbo, bought at WalMart( Gonzales,La), is probably the best shrimp gumbo I have ever ate. Don't normally give microwaveable frozen food much of chance. But I am so glad I did. Completely wow'd and blown away. To say the least, you guys have a new big fan. Great job and keep up the good work!! I will definitely keep buying!!!
Jason Adams
  • I've been eating the chicken and sausage gumbo for lunch lately. Let me tell ya, I was skeptical about gumbo from the frozen foods section. I'm so glad I tried it. It's currently my lunch probably 3-4 times a week. I've had gumbo from Mother's in NOLA to a little place in N. Carolina (that looked like tomato soup) and Big Easy got it right in my opinion. Delicious! North Carolina
Kyle Higdon
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your products.  My mother was from Sulphur just down the road so I know my cajun food.  Your chicken and sausage gumbo is almost exactly like my mother's recipe.  It really brought back memories.  Please keep up the good work and please accept a thank you from a guy who loves food.  God Bless!
Chris Ledbetter
You have the best "hands down" single serve dinners I have ever found.  Several issues that I have is 1. I found your dinners by mistake at WalMart as they were located on the bottom shelf barely visible. I bought several of the dinners that bring me to my second issue 2. whoever does your packaging is making the plastic covering over the dinners almost impossible to remove.  Thanks for making these dinners tasty and authentic.
Richard V Johnson
Had your "Louisiana Style" shrimp gumbo for lunch.  I can only describe it as very good.  Perfect flavor and seasoning.  Good work. Purchased at the local Walmart
Dwight Berido
I just want to say, I tried your frozen red beans, rice and sausage bowl. FANTASTIC!!  I was very surprised at how well it was. I WILL definitely be getting more. I haven’t tried anything else yet... but when/if I see something I’m interested in made by y’all...I will be eating more ?.
Cindy Gonzales - Slidell Louisiana
Absolutely amazing!! We just had the stuffed chicken with shrimp and crawfish etouffee and it fabulous!! I cooked mine in my le Creuset on 400• for 1 hour 40 minutes and it was delish! Rice had a great consistency and chicken was very moist! Crawfish tails and shrimp were whole, not bits and pieces or hard to find and they were not over cooked. I am extremely happy with the product and look forward to many more purchases! Thank you again
Kandis Porter
I've purchased at least 10 of these product at my local HEB in Austin, TX. The flavor is awesome, I love the chicken pieces and sausage is delicious too! Don't change anything.
Michelle Smith
Okay, so i hardly ever contact companies and critic their food but baybaeeeeeee! I need to know how? why? is this frozen food so tasty? like i love the Gumbo and Crawfish Etouffee. i was just randomly shopping and saw it for the first time at HEB and was like hmmmm let me try this and i made sure my sister and my mother a got taste as well. Great job!
Grace Tinubu Toyin
I normally don't contact businesses regarding their products, however, I felt that I needed to this time. I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your microwaveable Louisiana shrimp etouffee. It was a nice portion, great flavor and not expensive. I almost did not try it due to the price being so low. I am glad I did. Once again, Thank You for such a great, affordable product.
Jimmy C.
I found your food (jambalaya with pork and sausage) at Walmart in Bay City, Texas late last year. I have had award-winning jambalaya cooked in the same fashion by a man that has been cooking it that way his whole life. Yours and his were indistinguishable! I even called my wife and told her about it so she could try it. Amazing stuff!
Bert Loftin