Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed Chicken Pork Sausage and Potato

Stuffed Chicken stuffed with delicious Pork Sausage and Potato, a potato rich-based dish recipe that is made with Louisiana pork and creamy mashed potatoes. Frozen chicken, ready to bake, filled with smoke pork sausage, green onions, red pepper and potato.


Chicken (may contain up to 9% retained water), Creole Potato Dressing [Water, Potato Flakes (vegetable emulsifier, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bisulfate, citric acid), Evaporated Milk (milk, dipotassium phosphate, carrageenan, vitamin D3), Pork Sausage [pork, water, salt, sugar, natural casing, sodium nitrite (salt, sodium nitrite), garlic, red pepper, white pepper, sodium acetate, crushed red pepper, sodium erythorbate, natural flavors, caramel color, Red 3], Margarine (palm oil, water, soybean oil, salt, vegetable mono & diglycerides, soy lecithin, sodium benzoate, citric acid, artificial flavor, beta carotene, vitamin A palmitate , whey), Green Onions, Seasoning Blend (garlic, red pepper, salt, black pepper), Salt, Red Pepper, Granulated Garlic]

Unit Size: 3 Pounds

Price: $9.99