A Louisiana Culinary experience like no other!

Big Easy Stuffed Chickens – Tired of the same old birds? Try one of our Louisiana Stuffed chicken, and it will turn an ordinary chicken dinner into a Louisiana culinary experience that your family will never forget.

Big Easy Foods stuffed chickens are ready-to-cook, pre-seasoned, and stuffed with a variety of delicious New Orleans style recipes.

We have many flavors to choose from like Pork Sausage Jambalaya, Pork Boudin, Shrimp & Crawfish Etouffee, Cheddar Cheese Jalapeno Cornbread.



Big Easy Stuffed Chicken with Shrimp and Crawfish Etouffee

All our Frozen Stuffed Chickens are made In Louisiana, ready to bake, filled with Authentic Cajun recipes.

Top 10 reasons why you should try our Big Easy Stuffed Chickens?

  1. We only use the finest chickens
  2. Our chickens are filled with delicious pork sausage, Gulf Shrimp, Louisiana Crawfish and rice dressing
  3. All our chickens are stuffed and ready to cook
  4. Deboned, leaving only the wingtips and thighs
  5. Tender juicy and flavorful chicken
  6. Seasoned to perfection with Louisiana Seasonings
  7. Deboning proprietary process
  8. The perfect New Orleans style recipes stuffed in each chicken
  9. The perfect solution for a quick and easy family dinner
  10. Ready in the oven in a about 40 minutes

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