Turducken stuffed with Cornbread recipe

A series of authentic Thanksgiving recipes from Louisiana


Turduckens are rare, and they are also know as the roast without equals, so it makes sense that we would serve them in a city of fantastic appetites like New Orleans.

A Turducken is a deboned chicken and a duck wrapped inside a deboned turkey. Between the layers of meat, we will add a delicious cajun cornbread stuffing that will make the meal even more delicious.

If you don’t have time to make one, you can buy one already made online:https://www.turducken.com



1 (20-25) lb turkey, deboned with legs and wings still attached

2 to 3  tbsp poultry Tony Chacheries seasoning

Cajun cornbread stuffing 

1 (5 to 6 lb) duckling, deboned

1 (3 to 4 lb) chicken, deboned

Cooking Directions
1. Make the turkey flat. Spread the turkey skin side down on a flat surface, then rub the whole turkey with Louisiana seasoning. Cover the turkey evenly with cornbread stuffing, and spread it in layer of half an inch thickness.

 (here is the link of our Cajun cornbread stuffing recipe).
2. On top of the turkey covered in cornbread stuffing, the duckling is placed skin side down, and a half an inch layer of Cajun cornbread is spread over it.

3. On top of the duckling covered in cornbread stuffing, the chicken is placed skin side down, and a half an inch layer of Cajun cornbread is spread over it, so that it covers the entire chicken.

4. You should stitch the birds closed, starting at their necks, with kitchen twine and a needle. The birds can be held together more easily if someone else holds them while you sew. Tighten the legs below the tip bone by tying them together.

5. The oven should be preheated to 325˚F. In a roasting pan, place the assembled turducken, breast side up, and cook until a thermometer inserted into the thickest part reads 180 degrees. It should take between four and five hours to complete.

6. Once the turducken has cooled down a bit, slice the turducken from side to side, so that everyone gets a taste of the turkey, the duck and the chicken.
Serves 10 to 12


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